Meet Our Team


Conor Floyd
Co-Owner & Operations Manager

I am the Co-Owner and Operations manager at the gym. I originally qualified as a Chemical Engineer and worked in that until July 2021. I always had a vision of doing something to progress the community I live in, matched with always having a big interest in Health & Fitness from playing a lot of sport and going to the gym fairly consistently throughout the years. I am now a Qualified Personal trainer and have a Certificate in Strength and Conditioning with Setanta College. I am also currently studying Speed Development coaching with ALTIS which I have a huge interest in. Community driven Health & fitness to me is an experience where people can enjoy working out with their neighbours and friends in a fun and relaxed environment. By working as a community, we help each other lead healthy and happy life throughout all ages.

Kealan Floyd
Co-Owner & Business Manager

I studied a Degree in Business Studies and am really interested in all things health and fitness related. It was a no brainer to combine what I learned from my business degree with my passion for health and fitness to start up the Gym which I am a Co-Owner of. To me, exercise enables me to live a happy and healthy life. Through the workshop health & fitness, we hope to be a mainstay in the community with many things to come and I hope that we can become a focal point for all things health & fitness within the community.

Conor Treanor
Assistant Operations Manager

I studied a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Exercise Sciences, Certificate in Health & Fitness with the NCEF and a Level 5 Nutrition course. I am the Assistant Operations Manager at the gym – helping out in the day to day running of the gym, our classes and our personal training services. I’m interested in health and fitness and want to be as healthy and robust as possible throughout life. I want to help others in the never-ending pursuit of that goal too. Community driven fitness in my opinion is when people of all ages and backgrounds come together to push themselves, their friends and family to get stronger, fitter, healthier and ultimately, happier. My goals are to get back to playing as much as possible, travel more, be able to squat twice my body weight and become better in all aspects of my profession.

Jean Naughton
Gym Instructor/Fitness Instructor Intern

I am currently completing the Level 3 Fitness Instructor certificate with Origym while studying exercise and health fitness management in UL. My role here is that I am a Gym Instructor/Fitness Instructor Intern. I have just completed my leaving cert and I will be studying Exercise and Health Fitness Management in UL this year. I am very interested in heath and fitness, and started going to the gym when I was 14. I have learned lots over the last 5 years as I was fairly clueless starting off. I’m currently completing a fitness instructor course so that I can get started doing classes and taking Personal Training clients. To me, The Workshop is a great place to workout and socialise, all the staff love a good chat!

Eimear Nelson
Fitness Instructor

I have completed the Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of Limerick, as well as receiving the Certificate in Personal Training, Fitness & Group Instruction (Image Fitness), and the Certificate in 1-1 Pilates Instruction (Level 1 APPI). Here at The Workshop I am a Fitness Instructor and take a number of our classes. I’ve always been into exercise and health and played every sport under the sun when I was younger. I began in the gym at 16/17 not having a clue what I was doing. I’ve learned a lot but there’s still loads to learn! A huge thing to me is balancing fitness with a busy lifestyle and recognising there are so many other things in people’s lives that take priority at different times. Like a lot of people, I’ve gone through stages of being really consistent with exercise and times when I’m not so dedicated. I want to try teach people that being active is a life choice and equip them with the tools themselves to increase activity and promote a healthier lifestyle. I work as a physiotherapist.

Jake Carroll
Personal Trainer

Fav exercise: Incline DB bench Fav class to teach: Bums and Tums Fav food: pizza and big tub of garlic dip Fav music: big fan of 90s trance Tell us about yourself: I’m 21 years old from limerick. I’m a big fan of all sports and training in general. I’m all about learning new things and trying to better yourself. What does the community in health and fitness mean to you ? Health and fitness means everything to me and I truly believe it’s an unknown medicine to the body. I enjoy helping people to get where they want in life.